Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee for your service?

A: No, our service is absolutely FREE. Our evaluations are FREE, and receiving a cash offer from us is FREE. We

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pay for all the closing costs, and we add no fees when we close on the sale of your property. We buy your house fast, for no extra cost to you.

Q: How does your program work?

A: Our process is simple. Call us to schedule an on-site evaluation. After we evaluate your property, we will make you a cash offer on the spot. Read our How it Works page for more information!

Q: Once I receive a cash offer, am I obligated to sell my home at that price?

A: No, you are not. We are a no-obligation, no-hassle organization. There is no risk in requesting a cash offer for your home. You are free to accept or decline the offer.

Q: What happens if I accept the cash offer?

A: When you accept the offer, we will immediately begin the process to purchase your home on the date and time that works best for you. We often complete the process within a week, but we are here to accommodate your needs.

Q: Does my house have to be in a particular condition to sell it?

A: No. We buy houses in any condition, from beautiful homes to ugly, run-down houses.

Q: Do you just buy houses?

A: No, we buy all kinds of property including commercial buildings, condos, townhouses, apartment complexes, and raw land.

Q: There is a house on my street that is vacant and needs work. Should I let you know about it, and is there a finder’s fee if you purchase a house that I found ?

A: Yes! Tell us about a vacant house in your area, and we will contact you. You may get a finder’s fee of up to $1,000 if we are able to purchase the house.

Q: What if my home is in foreclosure?

A: We can help! Read more about stopping foreclosure here.

Q: I still have some questions …

A: No problem, just complete the form on our Contact Us page of our site or call us at 215-626-3897, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. There is no risk and no obligation.